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The Sum of Us

The Sum of Us-

Quick Summary: Set in Sydney Australia, a father (Jack Thompson) and son (Russel Crowe) search for love. They love each other and accept each other for who they are (straight and gay, respectively) but not everyone can accept them or their relationship. When tragedy strikes, it only deepens their connection.

My Thoughts: This is a very simple but elegant story about what life is about for these characters. I have a pretty strong bond with my family, so I can definitely relate to that. I have a lot of love and respect for both the father and the son, who want each other to be happy- I want them to be happy, too! It's sort of nice to have a gay movie with characters who feel this real. No magical save-the-day solutions, no overt morality lessons, no bucket-loads of angst. Just a great story about great characters that's heartwarming.
Gay Film

Eating Out

Eating Out-

Quick Summary: A guy pretends to be gay to get on the good side of the girl whose roommate he's pretending to be serious about dating. The plan seems perfect: he'll realize he's straight and the girl will fall into his arms, in love, while the roommate will seek comfort in the guy's roommate who has a secret crush on him. Except nothing goes as planned.

My Thoughts: As far as sex comedies go, I think it's about time that there's a raunchy, American Pie equiv for us gay boys. So if you're looking for over-the-top acting, characters who seem completely obivious and constantly horny, and easy laughs, this is the movie to watch. I would have enjoyed it more had there been more male-on-male action and less of the girl (you'd think in a relationship triangle square of three guys and a girl, the odds would win out for hot guy action, wouldn't you?) since I found her a bit irritating at times (especially since she keeps dating gay guys and doesn't seem to realize it right away-- hello!?!) but there were some great hot scenes and some quality laughs. In the end, things go the way you want them to... just make sure you stay through the credits. I'd like to say this is the perfect gay date movie... but I don't exactly have that much experience with dates, let alone seeing movies with dates, so I wouldn't know. In theory, that's what it is. Especially since it's not brilliant or complex enough that you have to pay attention the whole time...
Gay Film

Les Boys

Les Boys (The Boys)-
I was forced to add this one by Jamie, the great semi-professional hockey player hovering over my shoulder as I type ;)

Quick Summary: A Canadian hockey movie about a rag-tag bunch who play in a bar-sponsored hockey team. The all rather flawed characters are nothing campared to their leader-slash-coach-slash-bar owner who uses the team without their knowing to settle his gambling debts.

My Thoughts: First off, I watched the dubbed version, as the subtitled version was not available to me (I am told by that same hovering hockey player housemate of mine that the subtitled one is much better). Second, I'm not sure I can properly express how horrible this movie is. But it's highly amusing how awful it is! The plot is unrealistic and impossible to believe, the characters are pathetic characatures. The dialogue is painful and I'd like to say a lot has been lost in translation but I don't think much was. Pretty much half of the movie is set in the bar or at a strip club (oh goody- naked women- bleh!) and the other half is on the ice. I am almost thankful for the hockey game, because of the lack of corny dialogue. It's making this list only because of two things: 1- there's a locker room scene (not the most attractive men, but full nudity is full nudity, you know?) and 2- one of the hockey players is gay. I won't ruin the great suspense by telling you which one, but that small storyline is easily the best in the movie (even though his lover is a slightly embarrassing but definitely amusing and adorable sterotype). Though the mechanic character is pretty cute...
Gay Film

Beautiful Thing

Beautiful Thing-

Quick Summary: In this British coming-of-age story, neighbors (in low-income housing) and high school boys Jamie and Ste discover their feelings for each other. As they deal with who they are and what that means, so do the people around them.

My Thoughts: This movie is truly a classic. Jamie and Ste have excellent chemistry and it's wonderful to get to know them and see them come into their own. Jamie is raised by a single mother who has a questionable love interest and who has to struggle to make ends meet, but who is terribly loyal and loving. Ste, who is the better student and sportsman, is frequently insulted and abused by his brother and father. Jamie's mother offers Ste a refuge. In all honest, I'm really not sure what to make of their strange neighbor, Leah, who takes drugs and is obsessed with Mama Cass. The whole movie is a bit surreal but unmistakably beautiful. I highly recommend this movie to everyone; it's touching and I found it easy to relate to.
Gay Film

As Good as it Gets

As Good as it Gets-

Quick Summary: A mean, obsessive-compulsive writer's world is thrown into chaos because of people around him. His waitress (Helen Hunt) is gone frequently because of her sick son, making it impossible for him to get meals the way he wants (i.e. served by her) and his gay neighbor (the adorable Greg Kinnear) is bashed, leaving Melvin to take care of his awful (read: cute) dog. The absolute worst happens: Melvin is forced to show he has an incredibly kind and loving heart.

My Thoughts: I loved this movie. A whole host of amazing characters who interact wonderfully. The writing is just as great as the casting. The story is heartfelt, engaging, and offers wonderful insight on many issues and human conditions. This includes homosexuality- which is explored fully from love to bigotry, from friendship to gaybashing, from need and desperation to safety and understanding. To be cheesy, this movie really is as good as it gets.
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Quick Summary: Set in the 70's in the UK, Dean is a young man trying to move up in the class structure. He manages to break into high society (pun sort of intended) by way of befriending an older gay man (who wants him) and a young hustler (who seems to want him or expose him or hates him all at once).

My Thoughts: It's strange, but told well and directed beautifully with interweaving storylines and triple screens. I thought it was a bit clumsy and confusing at times. Characters didn't always react the way I thought they should, realistically. I'm afraid I don't understand why it was so highly aclaimed in the gay community or made it to Sundance, but it's not a horrible movie. I bought it and I'd watch it again, I just don't love it. I found Dean sympathetic and annoying at times, but really wanted his dreams to come true, at the end. It's an interesting cast including: Matthew Leitch, Bill Nighy, Stephen Boxer, Sean Gilder, Diana Quick, George Asprey, Lindsey Coulson, Blake Ritson, Peter Youngblood Hills, Geoff Bell, and Hannah Yelland.
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I'm going to begin with this movie, since I'm watching it right now on LOGO. However I would recommend the unedited version to the edited-for-television one, simply because of some classic lines with words bleeped out and some hot nearly-sex that is so worth seeing.

Quick Summary: Gabe, an aspiring musical writer, grabs life by the balls... except that he's nervous and rather unexperienced. It's the story of a one night stand gone very wrong, with a whole cast of strange characters, misunderstandings, and distractions which keep Gabe and the adorable go-go boy Mark from actually getting their groove on. But perhaps there's more to it than that...

My Thoughts: Thoroughly enjoyable and amusingly realistic. The music is horribly addictive, and you know what you're getting when you sit down to watch a movie with Tori Spelling in it. It has high re-watch value. And there's a whole host of important advice throughout the movie. Everything from 'You've got to grab life by the balls' to 'Have you ever had cum in your eye? It buuuuuuurrrrrrrrns!'


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